That was… May

Another month is gone, how quickly did that happen? May for me was really like a roller-coaster, many up and downs… Hope that there will be more ups in June 🙂 Looking out of the window I can hardly believe that we have June now, hope you are having more of a summer feeling!

Besides all the downs I had to experience there was again a lot of baking and some really nice trips 🙂 But before telling you about them I first want to give a quick overview over what I have been baking in May:

Marble Guglhupf  Mojito Lime Pie

Rose Mini Cupcakes Mandarin Curd Cheesecakes Philadelphia Tiramisu Cheesecake

To get rid of the last remains of winter I was using my old mandarins to make some delicious curd and used all of it to make mandarin curd cheesecakes! And to really celebrate spring (as there actually were a few nice sunny days in May) I baked a mojito lime pie, which was tart and refreshing and would be just perfect for hot summer days when cooled down! But May was not all about hot or cold days, but also about a bunch of holidays including Pentecost and Mother’s Day! For my lovely mother, although not living around the corner, I have made these super cute rose mini cupcakes. They looked and tastes to delicate, they would be perfect for any tea party!

Actually, there was more baking in May than I was showing on my blog this month 😉 That came because I forgot to take pictures of some of my baking goods… how is that possible? Well, for one I was a bit distracted by the trips we have been doing in May, so some of the things I have baked will be on my blog in June 🙂 Some preview? 😉 On the other hand, I just forgot to take pictures! I was baking some marble cupcakes for my boyfriends colleagues, which was more of a spontaneous event. My boyfriend came home from work suddenly thinking that he would like to bring something sweet along the next day. Well, there were not many fancy ingredients in our pantry, so I decided to bake some marble cupcakes form the Hummingbirds baking book I got recently. They were so easy and quick to bake and really delicious! It was a pity that we couldn’t take pictures… However, some days later I got some not so good news and needed instant chocolate comfort. No experiments involved as I wanted something I knew would work quickly and would be tasty. I had to think about those cupcakes again and decided to bake a cake with the same recipe, with only a little twist 😛 And out came this amazing soft and moist marble guglhupf with a chocolate spread on top!

Furthermore, I baked a Philadelphia Tiramisu Cheesecake in April that was up for voting and I made it into the Top 10! How cool is that? Now you can vote for the final winner and actually the voting is still ongoing until Friday 7th, June! So if you haven’t voted for me yet and still want to do so, I would be really happy about it! (you have to click on the red star underneath the picture and register)

I have already told you that I have been doing a few trips in May. So there was Mother’s Day and I spontaneously decided to visit my parents in Germany for a long weekend! It was really nice to see my parents and brother again as I really miss them! So every opportunity to see them I am happy about 🙂 Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring my mini rose cupcakes along, but my mum was happy nevertheless! Also we went to the Netherlands to visit family and friends, but mostly because we were invited to a Wedding! So there were actually a lot of nice things happening in May.

Also we have discovered a Wild Life Park nearby where we went the other day. They actually just got three Baby Bears! And many more amazing and cute animals, what a nice day out 🙂

Wild Life Park  Wild Life Park

Wild Life Park Wild Life Park Wild Life Park

Wild Life Park  Wild Life Park

Books I have read in May:

  • The Book Thief (Markus Zusak) ♥♥♥
  • The Navigator of New York (Wayne Johnston) ♥ still reading

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Have a great June!

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