Bratapfel Cheesecake Meine Lieben,  was hatte ich doch Pläne für die Weihnachtszeit, wenn ich doch nur meine Prüfung hinter mir habe, finde ich sicher noch Zeit um was feines zu backen. Die Ideen sprudelten nur so aus mir herraus… Aber dann schlug er zu, der Umzugsstress. In ein anderes Land ziehen während der Endphase seines Doktorates istRead more


Hello you all, Last weekend I was so busy that I had no chance to post anything. But I cannot withhold the recipe for this super delicious Apfelstrudel any longer. You might remember my Austrian heritage and the little treasure that was my Mum’s first cooking book? A few weeks ago I was visiting my family andRead more

Kärntner Reindling Being half Austrian we always celebrate Easter in an Austrian way. For us this means home made smoked ham and sausages, cheese, an Easter Lamb Cake and a special egg salad with oil, vinegar and lots of horseradish 🙂 But Easter means also Reindling, a speciality from the region my family comes from: Kärnten! Reindling is a kind of bread madeRead more