Sweet Crockery


I just couldn’t resist… I was about to go to the shopping mall to buy some baking supplies, but oh well… they are having sale! I have already bought some cute cookie cutters and the most charming turquoise cake stand <3 (you can actually see a glimpse of it here). I was really not planning to buy something else than flour, butter and sugar… But my legs automatically brought me towards the crockery department and there they were: the cutest little dotted sugar bowl and milk jug! Strangely enough, I don’t own one yet, so I just had to buy them of course. And after all, nobody could have resisted this great discount 😛 I am even thinking of buying another big milk jug… would’t it be just sweet as a vase for some wild flowers?

And somehow (really I didn’t plan it) the color just matches perfectly with my new cake stand and my new curtains! Coincidence, hmmm?! 😉 What do you think about it? Do you like it? I do, and smiling every time I see them 🙂  Isn’t it great that sometimes small (cute) things can really make your day? Happy time…


Sweet Crockery by Icing-Sugar.com

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