Sticky Dates and Toffee Pudding

Sticky Dates and Toffee Pudings

Delicious sticky toffee pudding refined with dried dates.

The dates almost melt away inside this pudding and just give it a bit more stickiness and sweetness. Before adding the dates to the cake mixture which consist of the usual flour, eggs, butter and sugar, they are quickly boiled in water with half a teaspoon of bicarb. Another reason for the almost caramelized taste of the pudding is the type of sugar used. I used a dark soft sugar, which is almost moist and has a rich and dark almost caramel flavor  I guess light soft sugar will do the work as well, but lacks a bit of the depth that dark sugar has. The toffee sauce is made out of butter, double cream and again soft dark brown sugar. If you prefer a lighter toffee sauce use light brown sugar and more cream instead of butter. The hot sauce is than poured over the still hot puddings which have been poked with a cake tester first to allow the sauce to get into the pudding which will soak it up and become even more sticky. It tastes even better when topped with a little double cream or even sour cream for those who like the contrast. Best eaten warm, but I also enjoy it as a cold treat for tea.

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