Rose Chocolate Pralines

Rose Chocolate Pralines {by}

The next holiday is coming our way: Mother’s Day.

If you are looking for a self made gift for your mother don’t look any further 😉 What do you think of Rose Chocolate Pralines?

Somehow the theme of my Mother’s Days is always the same: it is either about Roses or Strawberries. How did this connection arise you might ask? I might have mentioned it before, but our tradition since years is to give my Mum a heart shaped cake covered with fresh strawberries. This has become a classic in our house, and a few years ago I gave it a little twist: a heart shaped cake looking like a strawberry! Roses for Mother’s Day seem quite obvious when growing up in a flower shop 😉 Therefore last year I made little cupcakes decorated with self made fondant roses.

Rose Chocolate Pralines {by}

My self made pralines focus on the rose part for my Mother’s Day gift. I used rosewater and dried roses, which you cold get in good tea shops for example.

My first thought was to make the pralines with white chocolate, which would probably show the rose flavor the best. On the other hand it is really sweet and a whole praline made of white chocolate would be too sweet for my Mum 😉 Therefore I decided to use dark chocolate, although it is quite bitter and the rose flavor is therefore quite subtle. Choose for yourself what kind of chocolate you or better your mum likes and replace the chocolate accordingly.

Rose Chocolate Pralines {by}


4 thoughts on “Rose Chocolate Pralines

  1. Liebe Rebecca, die sehen ja soooo toll aus! Ich bin dieses Jahr mit meinem Muttertags-Geschenk etwas spät in der Planung, aber du scheinst dir ja wirklich sehr viele Gedanken gemacht zu haben…Klasse 🙂 Liebe Grüße, Carina

    1. Hallo du 😉 Ja dieses Jahr habe ich es tatsächlich mal geschafft um pünktlich etwas zu backen 😉 GLG

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