Review: Grüsse aus meiner Küche

Book Review: Grüße aus meiner Küche: Leckere Geschenke selbst gemacht {by}


I got this book as a gift from Blogg dein Buch to write a review about it. All opinions are 100% mine. 

Title: Grüße aus meiner Küche – Leckere Geschenke selbst gemacht
Authors: Lisa Nieschlag & Lars Wentrup
Publisher: Hölker Verlag (January 2014)
Paperback: 112 Pages
ISBN-10: 3881179216
ISBN-13: 978-3881179218
Price: 16,95€
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My Opinion

The first part of the book is about everything sweet. Here you can find different recipes for cookies, cupcakes and cakes as well as for homemade spreads, jams and sauces. Recipes range from very simple and easy to a bit more time-consuming. In general recipes are kept simple but with a twist and with every recipe you get ideas on how to wrap it up nicely or how to make it look its best to give as a present.

I decided to try two snacks from the sweet department as I was expecting some guests to visit us for coffee. Perfect chance to test some recipes! The first one were Marmeladenstangen (Jam Sticks) which were so easy and yet so delicious that I will certainly make them more often. I also cant wait to experiment a little with this idea as I imagine you can fill your puff pastry with basically anything next to jam The next recipe I tested was mostly for my boyfriend, the coffee addict: Coffee-coated roasted almonds! This recipe was a bit more tricky as there was no clear time point how long the almonds should be roasting in the oven… As I had never made that type of snack before I run to the oven like every 2 minutes to check on them. In the end they turned out quite nice, but it was a bit hectic in between 😉

Conclusion here: I loved the two recipes I tested, although very simple and easy they turned out nice and we and our guests had something to crunch on during our chat.

In the savory chapter you have a wide variation of recipes like soups, pestos, different kinds of spreads, butter and snacks. Again, for our little come together I chose a snack: Käsestangen (Cheese Sticks). This time I actually had to make a yeast dough which obviously takes a bit more time than just rolling out puff pastry. However, it was not difficult at all and after a bit of waiting I ended up with some quite nice snacks. I honestly expected them a bit different as they were quite bread-like, but still quite tasty though. They were best on the day made as on the next day they became a bit tough and dry.

Conclusion here: Yummie recipe,which I would probably do again.

The last part of the book is the DIY one. Here you can find some templates for labels and stickers which you can print yourself. I haven’t used any of them yet as I got a little package with some labels and twine together with the book to review (how sweet is that?) but I can imagine myself using them in the future.


From the first time I hold this book in my hands I was sold. Although it is said to be a Paperback, it is much more solid than that.

I love the bright and clear pictures in this book which are so my taste. The book is divided into a sweet, savory and DIY part and in all parts you can find a lot of great recipes and ideas. Although the recipes might not be the most sophisticated ones and some might be quite simple, I still appreciate the idea that with small and simple recipes you can create great homemade gifts! The book gives a lot of inspiration on how to wrap your self made sweets with easy and accessible materials that will look great in the end.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone that loves to stand in the kitchen as much as I do and who loves to make small self-made gifts and wrap them up nicely.

4 thoughts on “Review: Grüsse aus meiner Küche

  1. Dankeschön 🙂 Das Buch steht auch schon lange auf meiner Wunschliste 🙂 Ich hatte mich auch bei BloggdeinBuch dafür beworben es aber leider nicht bekommen ;(, aber wenigstens konnte ich jetzt eine zolle Rezension von dir lesen 🙂
    Lg Ronja

    1. Das ist aber schade dass du es nicht bekommen hast 🙁 Ich kann es aber wirklich nur weiter empfehlen, es ist ein sehr süssen kleines Büchlein 😉 Ich mag die Fotos und die Ideen, einfach um darin zu stöbern. Nur wegen den Rezepten wäre es vielleicht ein bisschen zu mager 😉
      GLG 🙂

    1. Hope you can purchase it soon, it is such a lovely little book to get inspirations from 😉
      Thanks for stopping by,

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