Red Velvet Cupcakes


So shortly before Valentine’s Day I decided to make lovely red cupcakes for my love, and what recipe could be more suitable than Red Velvet Cupcakes 🙂 So I dived into my Kitchen cooking book by my favorite Nigella Lawson and found a perfect recipe including cream cheese frosting! I just love her recipes because they work every time like a charm, as does this one so I encourage you to try it 🙂

First of all I was wondering, why should anyone make red cakes? I mean it looks rather unnatural so how did this involve? You could also make cakes blue or green, but that is not happening… So I surfed the internet but could not really find a good explanation as there are many theories about the origin of Red Velvet Cake but no one knows for sure… The reddish color might come from the cocoa powder combined with buttermilk and baking soda and some say that in during WWII beetroot was added for a deeper red color. Nowadays red food coloring is added to gain a deep red cake, or in this case cupcakes 😉

To the cake mixture, consisting of butter, sugar, flour, eggs, dark rich cocoa powder, buttermilk, vanilla, vinegar and raising agents I added about 1 to 2 tablespoons of food coloring to get about 20 cupcakes in the end. I added fluid food coloring and about one tablespoon was enough to get a nice red batter 🙂

This recipe asks for vinegar and I therefore used an apple-cider vinegar, but feel free to use any white vinegar you have. Vinegar? Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. So again I started a little research why to add vinegar in a sweet cake mixture and it happens to be, that vinegar is often used in batters including baking soda as the resulting chemical reaction will produce carbin dioxide which is needed for the cake to rise and become fluffy. But don’t be afraid, you wont taste the vinegar 🙂

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For the frosting I decided to make a classic cream-cheese frosting, which is really simple. Just combine icing sugar with some butter and cream cheese until smooth. I like to add a bit of lemon juice to the mixture to get a fresh taste. Wait until the cupcakes are cooled down until you start spreading the frosting on top of them. Keep the cream-cheese frosting in the fridge in the meantime. You can just ice the cupcakes with a small spatula, or as I did, with a piping bag. In the end you can decorate the cupcakes with whatever you have in your kitchen. I just added some disco sprinkles 😉

TIP: If you would like to decorate your cupcakes reddish too, but don’t have any red sprinkles around or just don’t want to buy them just for one batch of cupcakes, you can color some caster sugar with red food coloring! Just put both in a plastic bag and rub and roll until all the sugar is red 😉

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