Orange, Apple, Pear and Mint Smoothie

Orange, Apple, Pear and Mint Smoothie {by}

It has been a bit quiet here the last few days… My instagram followers may know why, I went to Milan!

It was a very spontaneous idea as I was super busy for weeks to prepare for an important exam. Last week I was finally relieved from all this pressure and passed it! 😀 So I needed a time out and as my boyfriend happened to be in Milan for a week to visit a congress, I decided to join him for the weekend. It was hot and crowded and I enjoyed every minute of it 🙂 Just strolling along the streets, enjoying the architecture, the sun, a bit of shopping and enjoying my latest obsession: Smoothies!

I was looking all over Milan to find places that sell smoothies and was lucky enough to find some 😉 I just couldn’t image something more refreshing and more tasteful than a smoothie in this heat and I enjoyed my smoothies every day 🙂 Back home, although it is raining ever since I am back, I still carved smoothies. I threw all over ripe fruit I could find into a food processor and out came this thick tasty smoothie.

Orange, Apple, Pear and Mint Smoothie {by}

But something was missing, it somehow was too nutritious, less refreshing. As I am lately in a mint mood I also chose to try my luck with mint in a smoothie and it paid of! It was exactly what this smoothie needed to make it super refreshing and taste very special. It is best enjoyed ice cold, so either add some ice cubes, which would also thin this smoothie out a bit, or let it chill in the fridge and enjoy it cold. You could of course also replace the water with ice cubes, depending on the thickness you like 🙂

Next week the weather should be better again, so hopefully we can enjoy some smoothies under the sun as it is supposed to be 🙂 Have a nice week!

Orange, Apple, Pear and Mint Smoothie {by}

Orange, Apple, Pear and Mint Smoothie
Serves 2
Delicious and nutritious smoothie made of oranges, pear, apple and mint to add some freshness.
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  1. 2 Oranges
  2. 1 Apple
  3. 1 Pear
  4. 1 Mint Leaf
  5. 100ml Water
  1. Juice 2 big oranges
  2. Cut the apple and pear into pieces, remove the seeds and core.
  3. Add the fruit, orange juice and water to a blender and mix until until smooth.
  4. Add the mint leaf and mix it.
Icing Sugar

2 thoughts on “Orange, Apple, Pear and Mint Smoothie

  1. This looks gorgeous, Rebecca. I love over nutritious smoothies, but sometimes they can be just too filling when you want just a refreshing drink type of smoothie. That’s the beauty of smoothies, you can make them as a drinkable yet nutritious snack too. 🙂

    Oh and thought I’d share a tip I’ve found with smoothies… like you said, if you don’t want to thin the consistency of the smoothies with ice, you can always put your fruit in the fridge or even freezer before blending. If you put them in the freezer, it’s best if they’re only very slightly frozen (slushy). That way you get to enjoy it immediately after instead of waiting for it to chill. 🙂

    How was Milan? Did you go shopping? hehe

    1. Thank you so much Lisa 😀 And thanks for the tip! Nothing is better than an ice cold smoothie on hot summer days, right? 😉 Milan was great, a bit too crowded and hot for my taste, but I nevertheless enjoyed it a lot! 😉 thanks!

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