Mother’s Day Inspirations

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I already made a little gift in the form of Rose Chocolate Pralines. I have also somethig nice for the actual Mother’s Day, so come back soon to see what it is 🙂 If you want to get some inspiration in the meantime, I will show you what I made the last years for Mother’s Day and also what I find on the world wide web!

Strawberry Heart Cake

The very first Mother’s Day cake on my blog where these tiny cute Strawberry Heart Cakes. I made them by using two small hear shaped cake pans and I decorated them with red candy melts and I used yellow candy melts to make the strawberry seeds. Two jellys serve as leaves for these cute little cakes. It was just the perfect combination of Heart and Strawberry, which makes it perfect for Mother’s Day!

Strawberry Heart Cakes {by}

Rose Mini Cupcakes

The next best thing to strawberries for Mother’s Day to me are roses. I don’t think I have to mention why 😉 Last year I made a whole lot of cute Mini Rose Cupcakes which looked just adorable on the coffee table! I used a mascarpone and berry topping which is since than my absolute favorite! The roses I made myself for the very first time and I was surprised how easy it was and how gorgeous they looked! Have a look at my little gif to get an impression how I made them 🙂

Rose Mini Cupcakes

Rose Chocolate Pralines

The obsession with roses continues this year as I made some Rose Chocolate Pralines. Apart from the chocolate tempering the process is really rather simple. I know that there are easier techniques to temper chocolate for pralines, but it was the first time I tempered chocolate and I wanted to try the old fashioned way 🙂 Feel free to use any technique you feel comfortable in, the assembling of the pralines itself is rather simple and straightforward. Your mum will enjoy these a lot I am sure 🙂

Rose Chocolate Pralines {by}

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Inspirations

  1. Danke für’s verlinken 🙂 hab mich gefreut wie ein Honigkuchenpferd 🙂 <3
    Deine Pralinen sind übrigens sehr schön geworden und sehen total perfekt aus!

    Wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende 🙂

    1. Hahah, hab ich gerne gemacht Anett 😀 Danke fürs Kompliment und ich wünsche dir auch ein schönes Wochenende!
      GLG 🙂

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