watch I still owe you a post about our holiday in Ireland. Spoiler: I felt in love with Ireland. I don’t know what took me so long, I guess after an amazing holiday it takes you some time to go back to routine, right? I feel this way lately, I really need to get settled again in my work and baking routine as well as blogging.

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source site We arrived in Dublin late at night and spend the next whole day there. I have already been to Dublin before, so I had seen most of the city already, but what I missed the last time was the Guinness Store House. And being with my boyfriend this time, it was clear that we would have a look inside after walking through the city itself. We enjoyed the experience quite a lot I must confess, although I am not really a beer drinker myself 😉 If you ever stay in Dublin I would highly recommend the Guinness Store House, in the end you can enjoy a Guinness high up on a roof type of bar having a view all over Dublin. If you want you can also enjoy some great food there as there are two types of Guinness restaurant! I tasted some Guinness Chocolate and took some recipe cards with me, I cant wait to make the Guinness Chocolate Mousse 😉

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here The next day we picked up our car in the city and together with some friends we started our road trip around Ireland, starting in Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains, just outside of Dublin. We had a nice little walk around some ruins and had an amazing picnic just at the side of a lake. Our journey then led us to Cork, the food capital of Ireland. Unfortunately it was Monday evening and a lot of the Restaurants were closed. Only the next day we truly experienced the food capital by entering the Food Market! This food market was just great and my personal highlight of Cork. We bought some amazing local cheeses, bread and olives and headed to our next destination: Killarney. Arriving at the cutest Guesthouse somewhere in the countryside we had the best picnic on their terrace with all these delicious products. We obviously had to make some food pictures there, can’t get the foodie out of me even during vacation 🙂

follow url In the evening we went for a hike through the Gap of Dunloe. Well, we actually didn’t make it right through the gap because we had such a strong wind, which made it really exhausting to walk 😉 Right there it was clear to me that I don’t want to go back to any city. The fresh wind (although really strong) and this amazing landscape surrounding us made me want to stay there forever! (That and super cute little lambs everywhere. Nothing is cuter than lambs, right?)

go here Ireland {by} Next day we actually entered the Killarney National Park and had a great hike around a lake and view of a waterfall and again: the most amazing picnic spot right at the lake! We somehow always succeeded to avoid the crowds but seeing the greatest spots nevertheless.We always talked to our hosts in the Guesthouses where we stayed and they had some great tips for us!

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local dating wakefield Next day we started our true road trip by driving along the Dingle peninsula and just stopping at every place we liked and just enjoyed the view, took some pictures and had Fish ’n Chips for lunch. The landscape was just breathtaking and we even ended up on a  ferry, though the trip was very short 😉

We arrived in an even more remote Guesthouse near the Cliffs of Moher the next day. We had a beautiful view and just enjoyed the peace and quite here. In the evening we headed to Doolin and had a great evening in a local pub with amazing food and different music acts. The next day we set out to explore the cliffs and they are stunning! We started at one end and went up to the middle and back again. We were lucky as most of the tourists were around the middle part where the visitor center was located. So we were quite on our own all the way and could really enjoy this stunning view! Ended with another fabulous strawberry picnic (somehow it is all about picnics, isn’t it?)

Our last trip brought us to Gallway, and although Gallway was a nice little town and there was even a Food Festival (yeah for the foodie in me) we were all quite depressed to be surrounded by many people and houses again. Strange, how quickly you fall in love with the quite, rough but thoroughly beautiful countryside of Ireland. Eventually we found the cutest little Pie Shop were we all indulged some pies, me being the only one starting with the dessert aka apple pie with cream 😉

Ireland {by}

On the last day we had to go back to Dublin but made a little stop in between at Clonmacnoise, an old monastery and a heritage site. We found it quite beautiful and enjoyed our last trip to the countryside before heading back into busy Dublin Airport. Where we needed a gas station, saw a gas  station but somehow were unable to reach it as all the streets around it were closed due to constructions…  We seriously drove around in circles trying to reach it. But I am not going into detail here and tell you that we literally ended up driving around the whole airport, and I am not telling you that we had to ask someone in the end how to get to this gas station… But we made it, and sadly had to leave this country in the end. I will sure go back as soon as possible and I would recommend all of you to do the same 😉

Ireland {by}


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