Ikea Hack: Burken Jar Before and After {by Icing-Sugar}

I think that you can find them in almost all households around the globe: the IKEA jars with silver lid. They are standing in my kitchen for years now and honestly I was quite bored by them by now… I have a lot of amazing glass jars which I have collected over the last few month which look really sufisticated. The IKEA jars just didnt fit into the picture any more. But I didn’t want to get rid of them either, because they are quite handy and I always use them as a storage for pasta or rice.

Ikea Hack: Serving Platter Before and After {by Icing-Sugar}

The same is true for my Serving Platter from IKEA, it stands lonely in a corner of the living room and serves only to hold my fruit selection. Recently we pimped this corner of our house by placing a super nice and vintage looking golden mirror on top of our dresser (both IKEA as well of course ;)). Suddenly it became clear to me: Although I was never a golden girl, I really fell in love with the richness this color adds to our living room and I knew that I would want my serving platter to fit to the picture. Therefore I bought some gold spray paint, suitable for aluminium and spray painted the silver handle golden in no time!

Make sure that you remove the rubbers in between and protect the screw thread by wrapping some tape around. Let the color dry out completely and once you assemble it again carefully screw them together as to not remove the new color.

Ikea Hack: Serving Platter and Burken Jar {by Icing-Sugar}

I love the new shine it gives to my living room corner and I think it all fits together nicely. Once this was done, I decided that my jars will undergo the same procedure and now they also shine as new! I found some chalkboard stickers that I bought some month ago and finally they found a new home as well. I think that the combination just looks gorgeous and the labels really gives the jars the finishing touch.

Ikea Hack: Serving Platter and Burken Jar {by Icing-Sugar}

I know that my IKEA Hack is not a mind blowing one, but I nevertheless wanted to show you that with a little color and some labels you can really transform your old IKEA stuff. Give it a try and transform your home as well, it is a matter of minutes 🙂

Ikea Hack: Serving Platter and Burken Jar {by Icing-Sugar}

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  1. IKEA Burken, Jar with aluminium lid
  2. IKEA Serving Platter
  3. Gold Spray
  4. Chalkboard Stickers
  5. White Pen/Chalk
  1. Clean the parts you wanna spray with a damp towel
  2. Spray from appoximately 20-30cm distance (read exact instructions on your product)
  3. Let it dry completely, between 2 hour and over night is perfect.
  4. Enjoy the new shine in your home!
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Ps: I think my golden times have come at last. Suddenly I want gold in everything in my life, especially red gold. Isn’t it just pretty? 😉

Thomas Sabo Red Gold {by Icing-Sugar.net}

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