Graduation Cake

Graduation Cake {by}

Last weekend I showed you my Speculoos and Caramel Cake and I told you that it would form the base for my Graduation Fondant Cake. Well, here it is. I made this cake for a good friend and colleague who graduated this week for her PhD Thesis! Congratulations!

Graduation Cake {by}

As she loves Speculoos I created this cake for her. I first made a little test cake for a 15 cm cake tin, but this cake is the grown up version for a 22 cm cake tin. I have attached the recipe for this bigger cake at the bottom of this post, so you don’t have to calculate yourself 🙂


I made all the decorations with fondant and thanks to my extruder gun I was able to make this lovely graduation tassel. Actually my boyfriend did a little wikipedia research and apparently the colors all have a different meaning. This was new to me, as we do not really do graduation hats here. It says that yellow is the color for science, so I went for it. Apart from that I also find the contrast of the yellow tassel to the black hat really beautiful and one could almost think it would be golden, which makes it even more festive (actually, the words on wikipedia say golden yellow represents science, so yay ;))

I used a tin of beans to make the base for the graduation hat. I covered it with some baking paper and I cut out the right size of paper as a template for the hat. To make it all a bit more stable I used cardboard underneath the top hat as I was afraid it would not hold on its own… I cut all the fondant using a pizza cutter, this works really great! It is sharp and will you a get nice edge, furthermore it is super easy to use. Of course you could use a special fondant cutter or a regular sharp knife for it.

The diploma is just rolled up white fondant, it couldn’t be easier! I wrapped a little red fondant cord around it to give it a finished touch. I put the cake on a cake board covered in white fondant and I used masking tape to cover up the edge of the board. I think this really gives the whole appearance a finished and professional look, what do you think? It is also easily removable, in case you want to reuse the cake board. I was quite proud of that idea actually 😀 The cake itself is kept very simple with only the graduation hat and diploma as highlight. I like it that way, although the possibilities are endless. You could still decorate the sides of the cake with some cut out hats or dots or whatever you like!

Have a lovely week, rebecca

Graduation Cake {by}



8 thoughts on “Graduation Cake

  1. You’re too sweet, Rebecca. The test cake was awesome, but this… amazeballs! I’m giggling at grown up cake. The test cake must’ve been a little sister then. I say sister because speculoos and caramel seem far too smooth and sophisticated to be a hyper boy! Tehehe

    Love the graduation cap and scroll. The perfect cake for this special occasion. A big congrats to your friend (and you, of course, for making a fantastic cake).

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