Devil’s Food Cupcakes

We had this theme for our Christmas Party at work which was 7 Sins. I know, not very Christmas-y, but hey I didn’t come up with it 😛 Anyway, we were all supposed to bring something to eat, so I quickly decided to go for dessert, of course 🙂 And the first thing that popped up in my mind was the famous Devil’s Food Cake which I had read about a lot already but never really baked it, because… well… there is just too much chocolate in it to just bake it for fun 🙂 But I thought this would be a great opportunity to try and because I decided to make not one big cake but many small cupcakes it would make it easier to eat them 😛 I just couldn’t resist to decorated them with some red fondant so that they really looked like little devils. Much more Halloween style than Christmas 😛


Actually there were not that sweet as one would expect as I used dark chocolate only which makes it quite rich but also not too sweet (although I have to admit, even I couldn’t eat more than one…). It is also topped with a dark chocolate ganache and of course the red fondant devil horns!

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