Cranberry and Apple Cake with Pecan Crust

Apple and Cranberry Cake with Pecan Crust {by}

You probably know how the weather in April can be like: sun and rain alternatively. We just had one of these typical April weekends. It was so sunny and warm throughout the whole week and then on Saturday it was cold and rainy, of course.

Apple and Cranberry Cake with Pecan Crust {by}

Clearly I needed something comforting to help me get over this depressing weather after getting used to sunshine way too quickly. So when walking through the supermarket I saw a big bag full of fresh cranberries and I had to think about a recipe I once saw at Ina Garden’s Barefoot Contessa. I couldn’t remember the exact recipe, so I improvised and used my favorite simple batter recipe. The result was the best cake I made in a long time and it was so comforting when eating it warm while the rain was pouring down. Heaven! The next day of course it was sunny and warm again! Oh April… we enjoyed the cake nevertheless cold out of the fridge. It worked just as well and was so delicious and juicy! The pecans on top covered with a sugar layer are roasted in the oven and just adds the crunchy and final touch to this perfect cake.

I have to tell you in all honesty that this was one of my most favorite cakes ever. It is simple, full of flavor and so comforting! Most of the times when I bake I don’t really eat the things I have produced, but this cake I devoured almost completely on my own!

This got me thinking… why do I not always bake things I really love and want to eat myself? I have such a huge list of recipes I want to try but most of them I don’t really want to eat. I bake them merely because of the sake of baking! Which lead me right into a small crisis. Have you had similar thoughts and doubts? I feel like I have to find my own way of baking again. Which right now I find quite hard… I have to figure out what I bake because I like eating it and what do I bake just to gain new experience by trying out new recipes and ingredients?

Apple and Cranberry Cake with Pecan Crust {by}

Maybe this cake is not be most beautiful thing I ever made, but it made me truly happy eating it. So the moral of this story? Dont think so much about having genius new recipe inventions that look stunning, but stay true to yourself and make it simple and basic. Good flavours you like to eat yourself should be the goal. Sounds pretty simple, but hard to find with all these great recipes out there waiting to be tested. Anyone of you ever had a baking crisis and want to share it?

Other moral of this story: Make this cake, it tastes just amazing!!!

Apple and Cranberry Cake with Pecan Crust {by}

Cranberry and Apple Cake
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For the filling
  1. 340g Cranberries, fresh
  2. 4 Apples, green and sweet
  3. 1 Tbsp Orange Zest
  4. 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
  5. 1 Tsp Cinnamon
  6. Juice of half an Orange
For the dough
  1. 200g Butter, soft
  2. 150g Sugar
  3. 2 Eggs
  4. 1 Tbsp Vanilla Sugar
  5. 185g Flour
  6. 40g Starch
  7. 2 Tsp Baking Powder
  8. 2 Handful of Pecan Nuts
  9. 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
  1. Wash the cranberries and fill them into the pie dish
  2. Clean and cut 4 apples into small pieces and add to the pie dish
  3. Add the brown sugar and orange zest on top of the fruit and mix it well
  4. Squeeze half an orange over the fruit mixture
  5. Cream together the sugars and butter until light and fluffy
  6. Add one egg at a time and mix thoroughly
  7. Mix together the dry ingredients and mix it quickly under the wet ingredients
  8. Spoon the batter over the fruit mixture
  9. Add two handful of Pecan Nuts on the top of the cake and sprinkle the brown sugar over it
  10. Bake the cake at 180°C (160° fan oven) for 50-55 minutes
  1. 1 Pie Dish (26cm)
Icing Sugar

8 thoughts on “Cranberry and Apple Cake with Pecan Crust

  1. Sehr wahre Worte, ich verschenke auch oft fast mein komplettes Gebackenes. Ich probiere zwar fast alles, aber man kann mit zwei Personen eben auch nicht alles allein essen…ich freue mich auf mehr Rezepte von deiner Liste! Lg Carina

    1. Ganz lieben Dank 🙂 Schön zu hören dass ich da nicht alleine bin und es anderen auch so geht. Ich versuche mich gerade darauf zu konzentrieren was ich wirklich gerne habe, daher ist es evtl ein wenig ruhiger auf meinem Blog. Aber bald sollten weiter tolle Rezepte aus meiner Liste kommen 😉
      Sende dir ganz liebe Grüsse!

    1. Oh nein, ich wusste ja gar nicht das man gegen Cranberries allergisch sein kann? 😮 Ich habe allerdings schon eine Idee von einer sehr sommerlichen Variante, so hoffentlich ist das bald auch aufm Blog und kannst du es auch nachbacken 😉
      GLG, rebecca

  2. I completely disagree as I think this looks like a GORGEOUS cake. So juicy and comforting with great texture and I think baking/serving it in a big pudding dish just adds to the homely charm. Definitely a cake I see myself making. I must admit I’m a selfish baker(!) as I pretty much only bake things I want to eat. I’m generally not too bothered about learning fancy techniques so the majority of the things I bake tend to be pretty basic. If it tastes good and others enjoy it then I’m happy 🙂

    1. Your compliment really made me feel so warm from withing! Thank you so much for your kind words! You are right, a homely charm is actually the most precious one! I will try to focus on that one in the future. I should adapt more to your philosophy 😀
      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Take care, rebecca

  3. Wow, das schaut suuuuper lecker aus! Ich würd das total gerne nachbacken, aber leider weiß ich nicht, wo man frische Cranberries kaufen kann, haha. Ich glaube, ich hab noch nie welche in echt gesehen!

    Achja, ich wollte dir noch kurz Bescheid geben, dass ich dich hier getaggt habe! Es würde mich freuen, wenn du an der Aktion teilnehmen würdest! (Die Fragen darfst du natürlich einfach verenglischen ;))

    1. Hallo Yvonne 🙂
      Ich sehe frische Cranberries auch nicht so oft, daher musste ich gleich zuschlagen 😉 Meine konnte ich im Supermarkt ergattern, ich nehme aber an, dass es auch mit gefrorenen Cranberries klappt 😉
      Und suuuuper lieben Dank für die Nominierung! Da mache ich doch gerne mit 🙂 Hoffentlich habe ich bald genug Zeit dafür 😀
      Ganz liebe Grüsse!

      ps. ich habe auch schon eine Sommer Variante im Auge die ich aus probieren will, ganz ohne Cranberries. Mal schauen ob das klappt 😉

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