Coconut Meringue with Raspberry Sauce and Rye Bread Crumble (lactose-free)

and Rye Bread Crumble {by}

When we moved to Switzerland more than a year ago I was often complaining about being lonely. I remember that I even mentioned it again to my Dad sometime before Christmas. Our life just seemed a bit quieter than it used to be. Just recently I talked to him on the phone and we were discussing a suitable date for them to visit us (next week, yeah:)) and I was mentioning all the full weekends we had and what we were up to… Seems that from January on wards we had almost no quite weekend at all!  Apparently I needed my Dad to point it out to me, because though it seems quite busy lately I never actually realized it! I guess after the winter dip it is going upwards now? We had some great concerts lately, a fantastic holiday, many friends were coming over to visit us, we had shopping trips and decorated our house and we enjoyed the early days of summer!

Sometimes I was even so busy that I could hardly take any good pictures of the things I was baking, because I was actually baking them for a purpose that were friends! Luckily my boyfriend is rather quick with his camera and so we were able to make one or two pictures before everything was gone 😉 It is fun to bake for friends and family, knowing your baking has a purpose. Baking for me is a kind of preparation that someone special is coming or that I go to someone special and I celebrate it and get all anticipated by going into the kitchen, make a big mess and in the end have a beautiful cake on my table and devour it with the people I love.

and Rye Bread Crumble {by}

So, why all this talk about my life? Just because this weekend was so busy again that I actually didn’t  post a recipe and almost had no time to photograph the desert which I made for a BBQ with friends. Seems rather a long introduction for something as small as my simple coconut meringue with raspberry sauce and rye bread crumble, right?  (that is a mouth full…) 😉

Nevertheless I quickly wanted to show you what I did this weekend: a lactose-free dessert. I didn’t want to just switch all the dairy products into lactose-free products and so went for something simple: meringue with raspberries topped with a pumpernickel (rye bread) topping. I knew that those friends love meringue and love coconut, so it was a win-win situation for everyone. As we were in a hurry (as always) we just took a few simple picture which I will show you here. Feel free to add (lactose-free) whipped cream to the dessert if you want 🙂 The pumpernickel crumble makes it into something rather special and I really love the modest sweetness and the texture it adds to the dessert. Try it 🙂

and Rye Bread Crumble {by}


2 thoughts on “Coconut Meringue with Raspberry Sauce and Rye Bread Crumble (lactose-free)

  1. A few simple pictures? Oh don’t be coy now because it looks g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s! Nom nom!

    I bet your friends loved it. I’m sorry you get lonely. I know the feeling, it comes with being busy and with 3 kids, I can safely say busy is my life.

    Did you cater these especially for your friend(s) that are lactose intolerant? That’s so sweet, and so is the meringues too. I bet the flavour combo of the meringues is divine, and the rye adding that texture too. As I said, gorgeous. Pinning to pinterest. 🙂

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