Citytrip: Budapest

As promised I will show you a few pictures of our short weekend trip to Budapest, which is already almost two weeks ago… Unbelievable how fast time goes by, but oh don’t let this be the topic for today’s post 😉

Let it be about how great our short escape from routine life was but also how short it was to actually see and experience Budapest truly. It was a great way to see Budapest in a nutshell but I really need to go back once more to experience all its different aspects (and please let it be a bit warmer then). Nevertheless, I want to show you what we have done and seen in Budapest and I hope that you will enjoy this little picture show 😉

Have you been to Budapest before? How did you like it?

We arrived Friday in the afternoon and spend the rest of day wandering around the city without real goal to be quite honest. It was cold. So. Ice. Cold. I had no idea how cold -3° C with wind and snow could be. Luckily we found a nice old-fashioned Café were we could warm ourselves with some tea and coffee and enjoyed some delicious cake!

In the evening we ended up in the Jewish Quarter where we found (after a while of searching and running in wrong directions) a really cosy Restaurant which we read about in the the Lonely Planet. The atmosphere was very relaxed, just perfect after a long day of traveling, walking and freezing. I had a super delicious winter salad with beetroot, cabbage, apple and carrot which I really have to try at home soon! My main course was spinach and feta rolls with beetroot, carrots, hazelnuts and a celeriac puree. Super delicious. My boyfriend had a Jewish dish with baked beans and duck. Honestly it didn’t look so appealing but he was enjoying every single bit of it and kept talking about this dish for days! 

Day 2 started with a guided City Trip. We usually don’t do guided tours, but this one was part of the Hotel deal and we thought we might as well try it. Time was precious and short so we wouldn’t be able anyway to walk through the whole city in a day. A little bus with only a handful of tourists bought us to the highlights of Budapest: We first headed to Gellert Hill where we had a great view on Budapest, the Danube and its bridges. Up there is the famous Liberty Monument which was erected as a tribute to the Soviet soldiers falling while liberating Budapest. We went on to the Castle District where we could admire the Matthias Church with its colorful and quite unique roof. Alongside is the castle wall with the famous Fishermen`s Bastion, which itself looks really stunning with all those small towers but the view makes it even more special as you can nicely see the imposing Parliament. In the middle of the square is the Mathias Fountain. On we went to the city center were could walk around the Heroes Square and we ended our tour at the Parliament itself.

At every stop on our trip we had some time to walk around ourselves which I really enjoyed! Truth spoken I wasn’t too mad about getting back in this small bus every time as it was really freezing cold outside 😛 After our tour we headed immediately to the next Café we could find and had some nice cake and hot coffee. It happened that this Café was right in front of the Basilica of St. Stephen, which is quite impressive from the inside but its highlight is the holy right hand of King St. Stephen (which you by the way can only see by feeding a machine with some money to switch on the light…). We ended the day in one of Budapest’s famous Thermal Bath. Finally I felt warmth through and through. Oh what a joy! It was so relaxing to spend some hours in these thermal hot water, all having different temperatures ranging from 20°C (yeah sure, who would go in there?) to up to 38°C (me! me!). We even went outside to have a swim in the outdoor swimming pool! Can you image that? I was already freezing for two days, but wearing a swimming suit and being completely wet somehow motivated me to get out in the cold, haha (and into the next hot swimming pool obviously :P).

And now I have to be honest with you: we would have loved to go back to the Jewish Quarter for another smashing dinner, but we were tired (and my hair looked like a huge mess as I obviously had forgotten my brush and the only hairdryer there was not really functioning) and on our way home we saw a nice little Italian restaurant, and screw it, we went inside and had some delicious pasta and homemade desserts!

The next day sadly we were already heading home after a great breakfast (I really have to learn how to make such creamy scrambled eggs!). We had a great short trip abroad but I definitely have to go back again (luckily it is only a short distance fly away) as I feel that I hardly know this city by now. Hopefully it will be just a few degrees warmer than 🙂

I hope that you will also have a great weekend ahead! I sure will as I will attend the wedding of my brother! (But I might already have prepares a little post for you…). Have a nice weekend!

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