Chocolate Redcurrant Tartelettes

Chocolate Redcurrant Tartelettes {by}

Hello you all 🙂

Did you had a great weekend? I finally had a quiet weekend and some time to relax. Yesterday we enjoyed the last summer sunshine at a very nice location we recently discovered. Sitting on a roof garden surrounded by a garden full of vegetables and herbs in the middle of the city felt like a short holiday 🙂 Today we went to a local horse show where they did some horse races. Especially the young horses were super cute and we were again quite lucky with the weather and the sun was burning our skin. I guess this was one of the last warm weekends, the weather gets more and more autumnal… How is the weather in your place like? I actually really like autumn and I already saw some nice autumn fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets and cant wait to get my hands on on them 😉 But for now, I still have a few summery recipes that I want to share with you!

Redcurrant are luckily still in season which makes me quite happy as I just love the tartness of these berries! And I mostly like the combination with dark semisweet chocolate. Hmmmm… I made these little Tartelettes already a few weeks ago, but because I was so busy I had no time yet to share them with you. Luckily you can still buy them and therefore you can also enjoy these Tartelettes now if you want (but of course you could also use other fruits that you like in combination with chocolate). I really loved this combination of very tart berries and semisweet chocolate but if you want you can use milkchocolate or even white chocolate instead if you prefer it a bit sweeter 🙂


Chocolate Redcurrant Tartelettes {by}

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Redcurrant Tartelettes

  1. Wow, sehen die klasse aus! Da bereue ich noch mehr, dass man hier keine Johannisbeeren bekommt 🙁 Sehr schade. Dann hebe ich mir das Rezept eben bis zum nächsten Jahr auf, denn ausprobieren muss ich es auf jeden Fall! Liebe Grüße, Carina

  2. Wow it looks amazing! Normally I don’t like berries that much, but in this pie I think it’s a very good combination, if I can find some redcurrants I’ll make this pie (or if not next year 🙂

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