Chocolate Fair

So, as mentioned earlier I was visiting the Chocolate Fair „Le Salon du Chocoalt“ in Zürich this weekend. Together with my boyfriend and some friends we tasted like tons of different chocolates, so who wouldn’t have loved that 😉 I just want to show you some impressions of the fair and present the chocolates that were my personal highlight 😉 There were actually various exotic chocolate tastes and every one of us had their own favorite. This fair is organised world wide: New York, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo are just one of them. So if you ever get the chance to visit it, make sure you do that!!!

Chocolate Sculptures @ Le Salon du Chocolat  Chocolate Sculptures @ Le Salon du Chocolat  Chocolate Sculptures @ Le Salon du Chocolat

Chocolate Sculptures @ Le Salon du Chocolat    Chocolate Sculptures @ Le Salon du Chocolat

Some chocolate sculptures from local chocolatiers. Really stunning work, they were so detailed and the biggest ones really were about 1 meter big! For the monastery (lower left), you wouldn’t have know that it was chocolate if you wouldn’t have known it 😉

Chocolate Guglhupf @ Le Salon du Chocolate  Chocolatier @ Le Salon du Chocolate  Chocolate Sculpture @ Le Salon du Chocolate

Those pralines were actually the favorites of my boyfriend. They melted in your mouth as they were so soft and creamy but really rich in dark chocolate flavor and covered in pure cacao (now I actually want one 😛). Those were from Goufrais and I might just order some for my boyfriend 😉 You could also watch some  chocolatiers at work, which was really fun! And still some more stunning chocolate sculptures!

Colorful Chocolate @ Le Salon du Chocolate  Chocolate Dresses @ Le Salon du Chocolate  Makaron Pancakes @ Le Salon du Chocolate

Chocolate Dresses @ Le Salon du Chocolate    Macaron Pancake @ Le Salon du Chocolate

There were also some dresses made with and out of chocolate, the actual fashion show we missed though… And the most genius thing I have seen there: A pancake filled with a macaroon! It looked and tasted really great and I can’t wait to make my own version of it! Definitely coming up soon, can’t wait to start experimenting 😀

Easter @ Le Salon du Chocolate  Easter @ Le Salon du Chocolate  Easter @ Le Salon du Chocolate

Easter @ Le Salon du Chocolate    Easter @ Le Salon du Chocolate

And of course, there was Easter everywhere! I would have loved to take some with me to my parents, but was afraid that they would not survive the train trip home… But than I have the pictures to show them, haha they will love this 😛 Oh and yes, that is me and a friend of mine, she is the pretty one. I just got my hair done at an Schwarzkopf event where they were looking for hair models to style and that is the result. Still have to get used to it I guess, but on the other hand, it´s something different 😛 If you want to see pictures of that event you could have a look at the fashion blog of Life of an It Girl, she took some pictures and made a small report of the event. Maybe you can recognize me at some of the pictures 😉

Jewelry " Le Salon du Chocolate   Jewelry " Le Salon du Chocolate   Jewelry " Le Salon du Chocolate

Jewelry " Le Salon du Chocolate     Jewelry " Le Salon du Chocolate

And besides all the chocolate there were also some non eatable chocolate and sweets 😉 I have to admit that I immediately fell in love with all those amazing chains, pendants, rings, earrings . . .  I really couldnt resist and bought the two sweet little charms which you can see above on the right 😉 A small green macaroon and a little cute cupcake 🙂 You can order those little treasures here and here (I will definitely get me some more of the cute little macaroons in different colors 🙂)

Decorated Cake @ Le Salon du Chocolate  Chocolate Liqueur @ Le Salon du Chocolate  Decorated Cake @ Le Salon du Chocolate

Pinted Chocolate @ Le Salon du Chocolate    Jewlery @ Le Salon du Chocolate

Some decorated cakes who looked really stunning and you could actually also buy small cake pieces 😉 Also various chocolates with cute prints on them and even different chocolate liqueur! Yummie 😛

Chocolate Strawberry @ Le Salon du Chocolate  Marocan Treats @ Le Salon du Chocolate  Chocolate Strawberry @ Le Salon du Chocolate

Marocan Treats @ Le Salon du Chocolate    Chocolate Liqueur @ Le Salon du Chocolate

And of course there was a lot of tasting! Chocolates of all sorts, chocolate covered strawberries, some chocolate liqueur and in the end we settled down at a Moroccan Cafe to have some delicious Moroccan treats and mint tea! Just fabulous!

Books @ Le Salon du Chocoalte

And last but not least, a lot of books about baking and chocolate! Heaven… You can see the baking book from the Humingbird Bakery in London which I actually got a few month ago from my brother and his girlfriend and also the book about Die wunderbare Welt von Fraulein Klein which is a German blog I follow for some time now and I still need to buy the book 😛

So, that was my day at the chocolate fair! We really enjoyed ourselves and check out when the Le Salon du Chocolate will be near you 😉 Here some of my favorite chocolates and the most exotic ones that I have tasted:

  • Sparkling Chocolate DrinkA refreshing sparkling drink made out of chocolate and actually tasting a bit like Cola! Really crazy stuff, but actually not too bad 😛
  • Matcha ChocolateGreen chocolate with a taste of this great tea! Your first thought is white chocolate but as soon as the sweetness disappears you get the hint of Matcha tea! You have to like that kind of taste though, but I found it really spectacular! 
  • Say ChocolateYou can order your own chocolate with a message on it! 
  • Original Beans: I loved loved loved the chocolate with Fleur de Sel <3
  • Comptoir du Cacao: That was honesty the best chocolate I have tasted at the fair 🙂

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