Toblerone Mousse au Chocolat Toblerone Chocolate Mousse binäre option charts Meine Lieben, weiter gehts mit meiner von der Schweiz inspirierten Serie. Und woran denkt man, wenn man an die Schweiz denkt? Na Schokolade natürlich. Außer man ist nicht so ein Foodie wie ich, die sowieso immer nur ans Essen denkt. Dann könnte man vielleicht auch an die schöne Natur denken, oder an Kühe mit grossenRead more

Rhabarber Tiramisu (5 a Month: Rhubarb Tiramisu) It is time again for a Spring edition of 5 a month 🙂 This time the ingredients were Rhubarb, Quark, Almonds and Vanilla. Only 4 ingredients? Yes, because Tanja aka FrauZuckerstein is expecting any moment now, so she will take a break for some month and will return to us hopefully soon again 🙂 In theRead more

Coconut Meringue with Raspberry Sauce and Rye Bread Crumble (lactose-free) When we moved to Switzerland more than a year ago I was often complaining about being lonely. I remember that I even mentioned it again to my Dad sometime before Christmas. Our life just seemed a bit quieter than it used to be. Just recently I talked to him on the phone and we were discussingRead more