Baby Girl Cake


It all began with this cake to be honest 🙂 I was living in the UK for a couple of month and I came across all these lovely bakers with their sweet treats and wonderfully decorated cupcakes <3 During Christmas time it got even better as I encountered all these fantastic decorated Christmas cakes! Long story short, I fell in love with cake decorating and as you can buy just everything you wish of regarding cake decoration in the UK in regular supermarkets I just couldn’t help myself but tried to decorate my first cake ever. It also came in quite handy that a colleague just got a baby girl 😉

As I was living in a student flat I wasn’t able to actually bake something, so I bought a little cake to be honest *pssst* All the decorations are made with fondant. I bought white fondant and red food coloring to create different shades of pink and rose. I bought a cake board and covered it with white fondant and placed the covered cake in the middle. I have made the bear, the blocks and the train out of colored fondant in advance and placed them on the cake in the end. Glue the pieces together by using a wet brush or if not at hand a cotton swab also works fine 🙂


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