Baby Boy Cake: Teddy Bear and Balloons

Hello to you all!

I am back from a long break and I have missed my little blog here.

I didn’t really intent to take a summer break but after numerous reasons I had no other choice than to take a little break. I also didn’t want to rush my posts in between and decided that a summer break is nothing to be ashamed of 🙂

Reasons were of happy and not so happy nature. I had to go to the hospital because of knee (and other) problems and turns out that I have to be operated… So I will take things quite now here for a while, hope you stay with me!

But I really don’t want to talk about my health issues now here, so lets see what the happy reason were of my absence:

I became an aunt!

Baby Boy Cake {by}

For the very first time and lets be honest, I have the cutest little nephew ever 🙂 As my family lives a few hours apart from me, I took of two weekends in a row to travel back and forth to visit my family and our new family member 🙂 And of course there was cake! I made a baby boy cake with a teddy bear and some balloons that include the name. Lucky me he has a short name 😉 I spend a lot of time with the inside of the cake as well and made a Raspberry Cake with fresh fruit and a raspberry and passion fruit cream filling.

Baby Boy Cake {by}

To stay with the theme, we visited more family members last week in the Netherlands. We had lovely weather and enjoyed some days at the Sneek Week, a sailing competition in the northern part of the Netherlands. And there were even more babies while visiting some friends 😀 So you see, I was busy seeing family and friends and babies! Now I am back again and I realize that I would like to have at least another week of vacation, but alas, I have to go to work tomorrow again and than it is a long time until I can go back to my family to see how fast my little nephew can grow 🙂

Sneek Week {by}

Have a nice last month of Summer, I cant believe we are already almost half way through August…

 Love, rebecca

6 thoughts on “Baby Boy Cake: Teddy Bear and Balloons

  1. Dear Rebecca,
    it´s great to read from you again. I alread thought about…what happend to the weekly yummy looking cakes, cookies…
    Its good to see that everything is alright (more or less).
    Love Fanny

    1. Aww thanks so much Fanny for your lovely words! Cant believe you missed me, but happy to be back 🙂 Big big hug and lots of love,

  2. Yay, congratulations on becoming an aunt. I’m so happy for you. And I’m sorry to hear you’re unwell with your knee. I’ll be thinking of you for sure.

    The cake is gorgeous! I love the little chubby bear, he looks as though, like Pooh, he’s been at the bunny. 🙂 Those greedy bears. Love his bot-tie too. Love those hidden raspberries inside too, yummo! The photos of the sail boats are great too.

    1. He Lisa! Thank you so much for your sweet words, I am happy that you like my little chubby bear haha 😀 I was so busy with visiting families and being at the doctors that I had no time yet to reply to your super nice email! I highly appreciate it and soon I want to answer you 😀 Thanks so much!!!
      Love, rebecca

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