Welcome to Icing Sugar, my little baking blog. Me, that’s Rebecca. I am half-Dutch, half-Austrian, grown up in Germany and currently living in beautiful Switzerland ♥ I live together with my husband/photographer. He has a hard job not only photographing all my cakes and cookies, but also eating them. I love to experiment in the kitchen, which is what I also do in real life. I am a researcher. I love to spend my free time with baking, which strictly speaking is also science. At least the science of baking gives you delicious sweets, which again, is very much appreciated by my colleagues, friends and family 🙂


I started writing my blog when I moved from Germany to the Netherlands for my study, both family and friends often asked what I did bake on the weekend Roasted Pumpkin Guglsor sometimes when I decorated a cake I wanted to show them. My blog was born. I decided to blog in English in the beginning, although it is not my mother tongue. But I have friends and family who either speak German or Dutch, or neither 😉 Going with English was the easiest way…. However, I switched to German i the beginning of 2015, together with a complete redesign of my blog. I realized that writing in another language that is not your mother tongue just isnt authentic. I then wrote my recipes in two languages, which frankly speaking, was quite time consuming sometimes frustrating… So after a long long break, I began blogging again in October 2016, completely in German, with a little translator in my gadgets for those international readers who still wanna read my recipes 😉 

♥ Rebecca