Herz Erdbeer Roulade (Strawberry Mascarpone Heart Roll)

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there! Today we celebrate Mothers Day and are grateful for everything our dear Mother has done for us. I myself certainly am thankfull for my amazing Mum ♥ Sadly, today I am not with her, because we live 400km apart from each other. Nevertheless, I baked her this soft,Read more

Strawberry and Rose Tartelettes

Happy Mother’s Day to all your Mothers out there! I hope you have an amazing weekend! And for those of you who still want to prepare a little treat for their Mothers I want to show you what I would have made for my mum if she would live just a little closer… Strawberry andRead more

Rose Chocolate Pralines

The next holiday is coming our way: Mother’s Day. If you are looking for a self made gift for your mother don’t look any further 😉 What do you think of Rose Chocolate Pralines? Somehow the theme of my Mother’s Days is always the same: it is either about Roses or Strawberries. How did this connection arise you mightRead more

Rose Mini Cupcakes

Although my Mother is not living around the corner, I am thinking about her every day. And although she can’t actually eat these, I wanted to bake something super cute for her. Just to show her. Let her know that I think of her 🙂 Isn’t that the whole idea of Mother’s Day? I knewRead more

Strawberry shaped Cakes

It is tradition in my family that every year my father buys a heart-shaped strawberry cake for my mother at Mother’s Day. So I thought about not making a heart-shaped strawberry cake but to make a strawberry shaped cake out of a heart tin! How great is that, it is just perfect for my mum to Mother’sRead more