Little Easter Bundt Cakes (by Icing-Sugar.com)

Kokos Guglhupf Osternester

Aller Anfang ist schwer… so oder so ähnlich erging es mir beim Backen dieser kleiner Gugl. Nun mag sich der ein oder andere fragen „aller Anfang“? Icing-Sugar gibt es ja nicht erst gestern. Stimmt ja, aber es fühlte sich an, als würde ich wieder bei Null beginnen… Da waren zum einen diese kleinen Schokoeier, dieRead more
Exotic Easter Cake (icing-sugar.com)

Exotische Ostertorte

Meine Lieben, es fühlt sich an wie eine Ewigkeit! Ich musste doch glatt erstmal überlegen wie ich mich hier auch wieder einlogge 😉 Ich hatte mir zwar fest vorgenommen, nicht mehr so lange abwesend zu sein von meinem geliebten Blog, aber manchmal geht das echte Leben eben einfach seinen verrückten Gang und zieht einen einfachRead more

Carrot Cake Gugls with Orange Mascarpone Cream

Happy World Baking Day (or how do you say that?) I planned a super delicious 3-layered cake full of flavour filled with a light but sweet cream in honor of World Baking Day. Emphasis on I planned… Or should I rather say, I tried? You might know this feeling that you have imagined an amazing cakeRead more

Chocolate Easter Lamb and Bunny

Happy Easter to you all! I am back from vacation and I had a fantastic time! I have truly and deeply fallen in love with Ireland and I cant wait to get back there… I am honestly a little depressed to be back again, its always hard to find your way back to reality afterRead more

Easter Cake Pops Eggs

Just one more week and than Easter is here! Do you have plans? Celebrate with the family? Invite some friends for brunch or coffee? We usually spend Easter with our families, either mine or my boyfriends family. But this year we are going on vacation! I really cant wait, right now when you read thisRead more

Easter Bunny Rolls

I know that Easter is gone (and Spring is still nowhere to be found…) but I still have to share these cute little Easter Bunny Rolls with you. Maybe they can be an inspiration for next year 😉 Now please don’t go and tell me that these are little cats, mice or something else likeRead more

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Again, Easter approaches far too early for me. What is it with holidays that they all of a sudden come around the corner and stand before me without having enough time to prepare? Well, luckily I was able to create these little Easter Bunnies just in time to share them with you and maybe toRead more

Easter Lamb

At Easter it is a tradition for us to bake an Easter Lamb, and of course I continue this tradition when living on my own now 🙂 This year I decided to make a sponge cake lamb! It is actually quite easy and the result is just great; a fluffy light sponge. But you areRead more

Kärntner Reindling

Being half Austrian we always celebrate Easter in an Austrian way. For us this means home made smoked ham and sausages, cheese, an Easter Lamb Cake and a special egg salad with oil, vinegar and lots of horseradish 🙂 But Easter means also Reindling, a speciality from the region my family comes from: Kärnten! Reindling is a kind of bread madeRead more