Bratapfel Cheesecake

Meine Lieben,  was hatte ich doch Pläne für die Weihnachtszeit, wenn ich doch nur meine Prüfung hinter mir habe, finde ich sicher noch Zeit um was feines zu backen. Die Ideen sprudelten nur so aus mir herraus… Aber dann schlug er zu, der Umzugsstress. In ein anderes Land ziehen während der Endphase seines Doktorates istRead more

Weihnachtliche Linzertorte mit Preiselbeeren (glutenfrei) Glutenfree Christmas Linzer Tart

Meine Lieben, ich wünsche euch einen wunderschönen dritten Advent! Ich kann gar nicht glauben, wie schnell mal wieder die Zeit vergeht! Seit ihr schon so richtig in Weihnachtsstimmung? Unsere Adventszeit ist ja dieses Jahr ziemlich ereignisreich. Ich darf euch jetzt voller Stolz verkünden, dass ich am Freitag endlich meine Doktorarbeit abgeschlossen habe und somit derRead more

Honig Lebkuchen Nüsse (Honey Gingerbread Nuts)

Meine Lieben,  es hat ja auch so sein gutes wenn man kurz vor Weihnachten umziehen muss. Man verpasst zwar viel Vorweihnachtsfreude, aber man ist gezwungen um sich auf das wesentlich zu beschränken. Bewusste Christkindlsmarktbesuche, nur die Plätzchen backen die einem wirklich Freunde bringen, ein paar Kerzen als Adventskranz und abends davon geniessen.  Ein weiterer VorteilRead more

Lebkuchen Männchen (Gingerbread Man)

Meine Lieben,  wenn ich dieses Jahr nur eine Sorte Plätzchen backen kann, dann bitte diese Nuss-Lebkuchen-Männer. Vielleicht habt ihr es im letzten Post gelesen, dass dieses Jahr die Vorweihnachtszeit für mich ein wenig ereignisreicher und weniger besinnlich ist als sonst. Dafür aber genieße ich umso mehr die kleinen Momente in denen ich kurz die Weihnachtsstimmung aufnehmenRead more

Apfelstrudel Roulade Apple Strudel Swissroll

Meine Lieben,  auf einmal sind wir mitten drin im Weihnachtswahn, wie schnell doch immer die Zeit vergeht! Ich liebe ja Weihnachten, ich mein so richtig. Es gibt für mich nichts schöneners als dieses warme geborgene Gefühl, dass für mich Weihnachten ist. Familie, Freunde, für alles dankbar sein was man im Leben hat. Jeder holt amRead more

Lebkuchen Flan Kuchen (Gingerbread Flan Cake)

Sucht ihr noch nach dem perfekten Rezept für die Weihnachtszeit? Dieser Gingerbread Flan Cake sieht elegant aus, und macht sich toll als Dessert oder für die Adventszeit zum Kaffee. Das Beste, er ist überraschend einfach und schnell gezaubert 😉 Der Kuchen wird zusammen gerührt und in die Kuchenform gegeben, die Zutaten für den Flan schnell vermischen und vorsichtig drauf gießen, und beim backen tauschen die zwei ihre Position! Und das sieht nicht nur lecker aus, sondern schmeckt auch unglaublich gut.

Mince Meat Rolls

I hope you all had a great Christmas time with your loved ones and a lot of good food. If you happened to have made my Mince Meat Pies and you have some left overs, here is a good idea how to use them. Of course you can also use store-bought mince meat or any kindRead more

Christmas Waffles in a Jar with Toffee Sauce

Are you looking for a last minute gift? Preferably home made? I might have the idea. You remember the pumpkin waffles that I made recently? Well I used a silicon form for this and telling a friend about it, she was completely hooked. So when I came across another set of silicon waffle molds, IRead more

Cranberry Mince Pies

When we lived in England a few years ago we were fortunate to spend December there and get to know all the nice English baking traditions. One that we really fell in love with were Mince Meat Pies. As a vegetarian I was first really scared to try them, but once I realized that itRead more

Cranberry Muffins with Orange and Pistachios

This week we had a Christmas Party at work, so I was planning to bring some muffins along. As I got my hands on some fresh cranberries (which is hard to get here) I immediately knew that I wanted to bake some cranberry muffins. I love the tartness of these fruits and combined with someRead more

Fruit Jewels

If you couldn’t resist to bake some Zimtsterne, than you probably ended up with some left-over egg yolks. Yesterday I already showed you one way to use them by making some delicious chocolate coffee spritzcookies. So in case you are not into chocolate or into coffee (than what kind of person are you anyway?) IRead more

Chocolate Coffee Spritzcookies (Spritzgebäck)

Yesterday I showed you my beloved Zimtsterne. In this recipe you only needed some egg whites, so today I want to show you a recupie where you can use those left over egg yolks (tomorrow I will show you yet another one). I made a new version of Spritzcookies with chocolate and coffee. Maybe you remember myRead more

Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Stars)

My most favorite Christmas cookies are by far Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Stars). The reason why I haven’t baked them last year is simply because they are quite frustrating to make. I am sorry to tell you that ugly truth, but believe me, they are worth the effort! If you love cinnamon you must try it, youRead more

Spekulatius Dutch Speculaas or Speculoos

One of my most favorite cookies for Christmas (and during the year) are Dutch Speculaas. I love the crispness and the spice. Ideal with a cup of tea. As Speculaas are hard to find here in Switzerland, I decided to try to make my own. Luckily last year for Christmas we were in the NetherlandsRead more

Chocolade Letters

At Saint Nicholas Day it is a custom in the Netherlands to give chocolate letters with the first letter of your name. In Switzerland there are no chocolate letters to buy, I guess for whatever reason this is typically Dutch. I like this little tradition and wanted to keep it alive, so I made myRead more

Five a Month: Stollenkonfekt

It’s that time of year again. No I am not talking about Christmas, I am talking about our Five a Month challenge. But Christmas is near by, so I decided to already take the challenge and bake something Christmas-y. The first Christmas baking of this year and to get even more into the Christmas Spirit,Read more


Sometimes life can be really crazy, don’t you agree? You are doing your best to organize both your life and your blog to have a bit more balance between them and achieve some ease of mind… and then… nothing goes as planned. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t necessarily mean that things are going badRead more

Speculoos Muffins

I am sure you are all exhausted by now with baking Christmas goodies (I know I need a little break 😉). But for those who need a last-minute recipe which is quick and easy but still super delicious I have something: Speculoos Muffins (or Speculaas or Speculatius…)! You know these super delicious crisp cookies fullRead more

Nürnberger Lebkuchen

Today I am showing you the last of my Plätzchen (Christmas Cookie) Recipes: Nürnberger Lebkuchen. I find it really hard to translate that into English as I know that the only possible translation is Gingerbread.  There are certain types of Lebuchen that might have similarities, but honestly, these kind of Lebkuchen are not really comparable toRead more

Chocolate Salami

Do you already have all your Christmas gifts for this year? I have just ordered the last one and still need to wrap everything. But at least I managed to find something nice  for all my family and friends. The most important thing is to spend time together with your loved ones anyway. I knowRead more

Classical Christmas Stollen (Christstollen)

There is absolutely nothing that screams Christmas and Tradition more than a classical Christstollen. I know this recipe is longer than the usual ones and contains some time for preparation but really, it is worth it. So don’t be scared of the long recipe 🙂 Christmas season hasn’t begun when there is no Stollen around…Read more

Glühwein Cupcakes

It belongs to Christmas like eggs belong to Easter: Glühwein or mulled wine. Standing at a Christmas Market, freezing in the cold and warming your hands on a nice cup of this hot beverage! Smelling the Christmas spices and having a cozy time with friends and family. Those are just a few of the associations IRead more

Spritzgebäck (Spritz Cookies)

Spritzgebäck is a classical German Christmas Cookie baked by probably everyone during Christmas. To be honest, when I was a child I actually never really liked Spritzgebäck. Compared to all the other Christmas Goodies out there, I just found Spritzgebäck too plain and simple somehow… However, since I am the proud owner of a Kitchen Aid withRead more

Austrian Christmas Bakery: Linzer Augen (Linzer Cookies)

Part two of my Austrian Christmas Bakery: Linzer Augen. As promised I am going to share with you another family recipe today, the favorite cookies of the rest of my family 🙂 In Austria there are called Linzer Augen („Linz“ being a city in Austria and „Augen“ means Eyes, because of the three holes inRead more

Austrian Christmas Bakery: Vanillekipferl

Growing up in Germany with an Austrian Mother and a Dutch Father sometimes meant that we mixed traditions and holidays to our liking. Therefore we often celebrated Sinterklaas on the 5th of December instead of the 6th as common in Austria and Germany. One thing however always stayed the same: When it came to baking my MumRead more

Candy Cane Cookies

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . I love singing Christmas songs (as you might know by now), and no Christmas song fits better to my Candy Cane Cookies than this one 😉 With these cookies you really get the Christmas feeling and its hard to decide whether you willRead more

Bratapfel Cookies

Christmas is just around the corner, and can I tell you that this really is my most favorite season ♥ I am singing Christmas songs for two weeks now already, I know… I am crazy. But I love it so much and it is always passing by way too quickly, am I right? I mean itRead more

Secret Santa Cookies (Wichtel Kekse)

We have a nice tradition at work: Secret Santa or as it is called here wichteln. For those who are not familiar with the tradition, every year before Christmas we make some paper tickets with the names of all the people from work. One by one we pull a ticket and the name on itRead more

Mince Pies

This year I have made some mince pies for the very first time and I loved them! I baked them in a muffin tin, so I get this nice round shape and filled them with a self made cranberry minced meat and topped with a christmasy star! I really loved the filling as the acidity ofRead more

Santa Claus’s Hat

I had some fondant left over from my Christmas cake of which I made little Santa’s hats 🙂 This would be great to set on top of cupcakes which have been iced or even on cakes. As I already had baked so much cake this Christmas, everyone just got one on his/her plate as aRead more

Christmas Cake

There is just no better holiday than Christmas! I adore Christmas in all its glory, the warm feeling you get when it is cold outside but you are sitting cosy and warm inside with hot tea or even mulled wine… the lovely smells from oranges, cinnamon and all these other great christmasy spices…  candles andRead more