My June …

How can June already be over? Is it me or is time flying? You are probably thinking the same, right? I was just thinking here comes summer and suddenly the first month of summer is already gone. So far I am actually doing pretty good, I have already used cherries, redcurrant, blueberries and a lots of strawberries! Nothing is screaming summer more than berries 🙂

It is actually a year ago that I did a monthly review and for some reason I stopped it (probably because month were just flying by too quickly for me to get a hold on it). This month for some reason I enjoyed again monthly reviews on other blogs and stumbled upon my old ones from last year. It is actually a really nice way to remember what you did during a month and I love reading those kind of blogs. So I decided that I would start it again. Depending on my mood and month this could contain my dinners, an overview of my posts, best of my instagram account, what I have read, what I have done, what I discovered on the internet… you name it 😀 I hope that you will like it!

So here is what I baked in June…

1. Blueberry Mint Tart. This tart has a sweet white chocolate filling with fresh mint covered with amazing blueberries 2. Watermelon and Pineapple Smoothie. A super refreshing smoothie made of chilled watermelon with some exotic pineapple juice. I love this one on hot summer days 😀 3. Redcurrant Tart. I just love tart redcurrant and on top of this cheesecake filled tart it is even more delicious! And a great way to celebrate my new rectangular tart pan #crazyme. 4. Blueberry, White Peach and Pecan Cheesecake. I made this cake for my best friend coming visiting us from the Netherlands. We had such a great weekend and enjoyed the great weather! 5. Dutch Suikerbrood. This one was for my boyfriend for compensating everything he misses from the Netherlands. One piece closer to home 🙂 6. Coconut Mergingue with Raspberry Sauce and Rye Bread Crumbs. This dessert I made for a lactose intolerant friend who invited us for a BBQ. I made a super delicious coconut meringue and topped it with some home made sweet and tart raspberry sauce, almost like an Ethon Mess without the mess. Well, if you like you can add some cream to it of course 😉 As a topping I crisped up some rye bread which was really great!


My Instagram Month…

1. My Blueberry and Mint Tart preview, I showed you this dessert of mine ahead of the blog and I got so much response on Instagram that I decided to post it earlier than planned. Seems like you really love this tart and that really made my month! It is my absolute highlight! Thank you so much for all the nice comments ❤ I also have 50 followers now on Instagram and this makes me so happy! 2. I made an amazing cheesecake when my parents came visiting us. I might post about this cake because it was super delicious and it looked just perfect. I got the recipe from the new Sweet Dreams magazine. 3. The World Cup started and I am so super excited about it! I never watch soccer but I love love love watching the world cup and of course cheering for my team, the orange one 😉 Can you guess it from the treats I assembled for the first game? 😉 4. A Little sneak peak what you will see in July… 😉 5. The coconut meringue which I made for my lactose-free dessert. I had way too much left overs and it was a huge hit!  6. Summer time means a lot of fresh fruit and finally having a blender a lot of smoothies! Expect a lot more to come in July… 😉 7. Sunflowers, no comments needed. 8. I went to the market and came home with courgette flowers. I made this great creamy pasta dish which we enjoyed together with a glass of cold white wine. Welcome Weekend! 9. Cherries! My super sweet colleague collected some cherries for me and I made two different recipes with them, can you already guess what was one of them 😉 More to come in July! 


I had a fabulous month full of friends and family visiting, great concerts and a cat. Yes, I am a cat mum now. Well, for 4 weeks, as I am only watching a cat, but it feels nice already : ) I am curious what July will bring us. I hope even more berries, maybe some ice cream and lots of sun!

How was your month of June like? I wish you all a nice summer month to come!

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